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I order mu online for 7.50 with full ricd and orange chicken and beff and brocilld and 1 plater for 9.50 with half rice abd haif chowmien and honey walnut shrimp orage chicken and bejiling. Beef. I paid with my creditcard of

16.02 and when my husband to pick up he was ask ti eait fir yo be done he waited 20 mintues and got charge again of 17.65 when he got home wuth our dinner it was cold rice was not even done it was hard.

When i called to coplane about it tge lady was very rude wland basisky call ne a lyer telling there was no onlinr order in my nane or order number she was rude and dtsrepstful to me

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This writing as absolutely terrible, don't you proofread before you send a message? You put this out there for the whole world to read how illiterate you are.

Besides that, it's impossible to tell what you're trying to say. Everyone makes typos but this is horrendous.


Did you write this while intoxicated?

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