I was picking up a plate for my mom, I walked in and waited my turn, Yolanda appeared and Assumed I had been helped, so she helped the 2 people who arrived after me, Not a big deal so far, when Yolanda finished helping the people who entered after me I said, Can I please order, she said, Ohh you didn't order, "would I ask you to take my order if I had already ordered" he answer, "I don't know"! I asked to speak with the manager, who was Damian, when I told him I was a restaurant consultant, and that the success always depends on Hiring correctly, and that Yolanda was a bad choice, he answered with some Canned, response.

"Ok, Thank you very much"! I asked if I could just pay for my order, He walked away....Finally Jonathan came over, Found my order and rang me up.

I swear, Other than Jonathan, the combined IQ of the entire staff couldn't tip 28.

When I got back to my moms Yolanda had packaged the wrong Order....

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I don't see that Yolanda was rude. She asked you " you haven't ordered?

" and you spun that way out of proportion.

Also, your last sentence is unclear. Was it the wrong food or was it just "packaged incorrectly", as in not packaged the way that you would have done it?


Well, honey, did you bother to check the order before leaving the store. I also don't find your complaint very credible because Yolanda is not a male name and you gave that name but then referred to the person as he.

Read four lines down in your complaint to find that boo boo.

Also whatever job that you trumped up, has nothing to do with your actual complaint, all it does is make it sound like you think you know everything. If you knew everything about restaurants you would have known enough to check the order before leaving the store.

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