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10 Oct 2018. Store 1932. Oak Grove Oregon. I drive 16 miles to get food from Panda. Google store hours, shows store closes @ 22:00hrs. My daughter and i arrive at store- 21:20hrs. I ask for 2 ala cart items. 1- large Walnut Shrimp and 1- medium mushroom chicken. The mngr informs me there is no Shrimp and she will NOT cook any for my order. I asked why not, you're open till 22:00hrs? She replied, "we stop- cooking at 21:30hrs." I then said, "it's 21:20hrs". She says, "well, it's close enough to 21:30hrs". I said, but it's 21:20hrs... NOT 21:30hrs.. I then said, "if 21:20hrs is close enough, then why not 21:15 or even 21:00hrs?...

I reminded her that just 3 nights ago, at this very same time i was in there and she said to me, "if there is something you want but you don't see it, just ask, they WILL cook ANYTHING you want".

Her response, "yeah, we stop cooking at 21:30hrs".

I asked for a comment card so I could file a complaint. She told me there are none. That i need to go online to complain. I had to ask 3 times for the store number. Reluctantly, she gave me the number of the store.

So I feel that if i am looking to spend $75.00 (as I did a few nights prior) then they will cook food. Now tonight, I'm looking to spend approx $25.00 and they're NOT willing to cook food.

This exact problem has happened to others and myself in the past and is exactly why I stopped spending money at this store.

The store hours are 10:00hrs to 22:00hrs. During these OPEN hrs customers EXPECT to be able to walk in and order their food. If something needs to be cooked, then it is up to the employee to inform the customer that they will need to cook the item/ items due to the time of night, thus resulting in a slight delay. Ultimately leaving the choice to wait or not wait (choose another item) up to the customer.

This is becoming all to often the norm as of late. A store presents it's operating hours which is defining, displaying and creating a level of professionalism, expectations and commitment by said company to provide a specific group of product for consumers. By definition of standards and practice, when failing to provide expected services and/ or product as promised by hours of service this becomes an issue of false advertising, failure to provide for consumers and more.

All my daughter and I wanted was a little bit of a late dinner after picking her up from dance practice.

I don't expect to hear back from anyone about my complaint due to the bad attitude, lack of professionalism and general "I don't care attitude " i recieved tonight.

My plan from here is as follows;

1) I will be reaching out to a contact I have at the local newspaper - The Oregonian, to have her look into doing an article about this.

2) I will be reaching out to a local news media reporter who specializes in consumer complaints. Channel 8 News KGW Kyle Iboshi. He will be the person reaching out to make contact with ALL parties.

If someone is taking the time to read this, Thank You.

My info is below;

Shane A.

Cell # 503-407-3869

Cell # 503-360-2648

Email- georgiagarza25@gmail.com

Email- gladstonecoach@gmail.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Panda Express Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Customer made 1 call to the company using contacts on our site.
Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Oct 11.
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You have waaaaay too much time on your hands. Not to mention no life if this is an issue.


All the locations are like this. They stop cooking about 45 minutes before close because they cook in large batches (the food comes like that) and they face having to throw away a lot of food if they cook too close to closing.

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