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Just wanted to share an experience that I just had at the Panda Express in Spring Field, VA, 7040 Old Keene Mill Rd, Springfield, VA 22150 near the shopping center with the K-Mart and Giant. It was lunch time rush and the food had run out, they had only one lady on the food line and the one other was on the cash register.

The lady on the food line, left with about 5 to 6 people still waiting to place their order, including me. The cashier started to help out which was fine, but only one thing, she never washed her hands. Another older gentleman and I notice that even though it was a rush and the cashier was going from the cash register to the food. She never once washed her hands or put on gloves.

I asked her if she would put some gloves on because she was just exchanging money and came directly to the food line. Even though they don't touch the food per-say, because of the utensil it still should be mandatory for the servers to wash their hands. The Cashier got so upset with me because I ask her to put on some gloves, she did comply with what I asked, but afterwards she took my food to the register and left and went to the back of the store, someone else had to come and total my order. I asked for the manager and I told the manager why do they go from the register to the food and dont wash their hands.

The manager told me that because of the utensils, they dont wear gloves. This type of behavior is very unsanitary. I personally caters all the time and there are certain guidelines that you have to put into practice when cooking and serving folks.

The issue is she didnt wash her hands when she just finished handling cash. There were several people got out of the line when they notice this young lady going back and forth without I repeat without washing her hands.

Review about: Panda Express Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The big question here is, "Was she actually touching food directly with her hands"?

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