Mineral, Virginia

I asked for a cup of water with my meal and got a little kid size cup. When I asked for a larger cup I was told that they would have to charge me 50 cents for the cup.....the kid size was free. I've been asked to pay for the cup before at other places, but it's usually 5 or 10 cents.

I thought 50 cents was pretty outrageous for a cup! Thank goodness there are other places that serve the same type of food right there in the same food court, which I will be going to in the future.

This was at the ShortPump Towncenter Mall outside of Richmond Va.

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Wow. you're gonna eat somewhere else now because they wanted to charge you for a large cup and boy howdy, you sure darn expected it for free or whatever price YOU want to set!

Yey!!! You sure told them! Believe me. They wont miss you.

Don't expect anything free from any other place either.

What's with this sense of entitlement with everyone? No one is entitled to anything. You have to work for things and if you go to someones business, you pay their prices.


Take the free kiddie cup and get up off your butt to refill it again.

All the other comments are correct. Nothing is free.


It costs money to do business. Stop looking for handouts and complaining.

Just because you are a customer doesn't mean you are entitled to free things.

Everyplace is different and depending on the area you are in you should pay. Furthermore, it is a free kids cup ALL YOU CAN drink, so let's not be lazy and go re-fill your cup.


The restraunt is just covering the cost of the cup/lid/straw. These things do cost money.


Next time just tell them that you know they don't charge for a large cup of water. In my area we don't charge for the larger size UNLESS they are located in a theme park, mall etc etc.

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